Name the State Puzzle


  Note the number in the top left corner of each page; this tells you the question that you are on.

Identify the state highlighted in pink.

You will type the number of the question, an equal sign and the name of that state into the address bar between the last / and the .htm   

Tapping the Enter key will advance you to the next question.


  State names that are made up of two words need an underscore where the space would be.

Example: New_Hampshire    (Shift and the minus key produces an underscore)


  If you make a mistake or misspell a state name you will see a "The page cannot be displayed" error page.  If you see your mistake, fix it and tap enter again.  You may click the "Back" button on your browser to go back to the last question and image.


  To move on to question #2:

Replace 0=Begin with 1=Alaska into your address bar, between the last / and the .htm

It should look like this:

Tap the Enter key








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