Google Earth World Icons Introduction

How To:

The Google Earth World Icons assignments are designed for fourth grade students and help develop many technology and other curriculum skills.  From a “data page’ students will copy and paste provided latitude and longitude coordinates into Google Earth and will “Fly To” a famous world icon.  Students will then view the world icon and its surroundings and shadow and determine which of the 12 world icon pictures on the Word document match the world icon they are viewing in Google Earth.  They will paste the latitude and longitude coordinates under the appropriate picture on the Word document.  From Google Earth they will note the continent, country, state or city where the world icon resides and determine which location on the data page is an appropriate match.  The appropriate location will be copied from the data page to the Word document (under the picture).  At this point they will look at the list of world icon names on the data page and make a guess as to the name of the world icon that they have found.  They will copy their guess and paste it into Wikipedia.  If they guessed correctly they will skim the first two or three paragraphs and copy and paste the two most interesting sentences to the Word document (under the picture).  * If they guessed incorrectly they will be viewing another world icon from the list; they may move ahead with the newly found world icon or choose another world icon name from the list on the data page.


Technology Skills:

* Text-mouse highlighting skill development/practice/mastery.

* Mastery, speed and habit development of copy and paste keyboard commands (Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V).

* Multi-Window/Tab mastery – Students must regularly switch between Google Earth, Microsoft Word and two browser windows or tabs (Wikipedia and the data page).

* Integrating functions between programs.


Other Subject Skills:

* Latitude and longitude coordinates – geography.

* Spatial development – math.


The Lessons:

Google Earth World Icons I (Data Page)

Google Earth World Icons II (Data Page)

Google Earth World Icons III (Word Doc – No Directions)

Google Earth World Icons III (Word Doc – No Directions)