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All Grades – Quarter End Clean Up

All Grades - Yearbook


Create a folder in your Documents folder named: Quarter 2 (Right-click > New)

Drag all of your work from the first quarter into this folder.

Do NOT move:

Your yearbook folder:

Music folder, Pictures folder

Videos folder, any project that you are currently working on


Part 1 – Create folder and webpage file.  2 minutes.


Part 2 – Open with MS Word.  Insert table, fill color, line color and background.  3 minutes.



Part 3 – Insert WordArt and your picture.  3.5 minutes.


Part 4 – Apply picture effects.  (Do not choose an effect that distorts.  1 minute.



Part 5 – Trick Firefox into viewing effects properly.  3.3 minutes.


Staff & Students 08-09

Yearbook Page Rubric



Set up Windows Media Player





Kindergarten (Lessons)

1st Grade (Lessons)

2nd Grade (Lessons)


Following Directions K18


Written Directions-1 My Mother


Yearbook - finish!



3rd  Grade (Lessons & Rubrics)

4th Grade (Lessons & Rubrics)

5th Grade (Lessons & Rubrics)


Yearbook Proofread Signatures Due 5-6

Audacity Sound Capture 1 (.WAV)

Audacity Sound Capture 2 (.MP3)

Audacity 3 Audio Soundtracks Overlay

4th book covers

4th Book Interviews Sample

4th Book Interviews Folder


Audacity Sound Capture 1 (.WAV)

Audacity Sound Capture 2 (.MP3)

Audacity 3 Audio Soundtracks Overlay

Yearbook Proofread Signatures Due 5-9

Peachy Stories

Staff & Students 640x800 Pictures

How To Guide With Screenshots Rubric

Cut Text & Copy Pictures

Folder Order


Yearbook Proofread Signatures Due 4-29

5th Grade Paragraph Set-Up


(Previous 3rd Grade Lessons, Guides & Rubrics)

(Previous 4th Grade Lessons, Guides & Rubrics)

(Previous 5th Grade Lessons, Guides & Rubrics)




6th Grade (Lessons & Rubrics)

7th Grade (Lessons & Rubrics)

8th Grade (Lessons & Rubrics)


How To Guide With Screenshots Rubric

Cut Text & Copy Pictures

Folder Order


Yearbook Proofread Signatures Due 4-28

Scientist Music Video Rubric

Raw Footage Due 5-12

Project Due 5-23


Scientist Music Video Report Outline

7th Scientist Video Groups


Yearbook Proofread Signatures Due 5-5

Yearbook Class Pages Folder

80x100 Grid Page Pictures

07-08 Yearbook for Reference

Civil War Picture Folder & Script Rubric

Picture Folder Due 4-27

Script Due 4-30

Civil War News Intro Rubric


News Intro Due 5-7

Raw Footage Due 5-7

(Use a camera that shoots .AVI format or other Windows Movie Maker compatible files!  Avoid: Mini-DV tape, DVD/.VOB, QuickTime/Kodak, etc.)

Do NOT hand hold the camera- use a tripod

Civil War News Report Rubric

Report Video Due 5-21

Civil War Topics



(Previous 6th Grade Lessons, Guides & Rubrics)

(Previous 7th Grade Lessons, Guides & Rubrics)

(Previous 8th Grade Lessons, Guides & Rubrics)




Lessons & Rubrics


  K - Directions

pumpkin Candy cane KinderColor

  1st  - Directions


Following Directions K0

Following Directions K1

Following Directions K2

Following Directions K3

Following Directions K4

Following Directions K5

Following Directions K6 (Easter)

Following Directions K7

Following Directions K8 (Christmas)

Following Directions K10

Following Directions K11

Following Directions K12

Following Directions K13

Following Directions K16

Following Directions K17

Following Directions K18

Following Directions K19

Following Directions K20

Following Directions K21


Class Grid Page Check

Type 1

The ABC Game


Good Samaritan


Noah’s Ark

Jonah and the Whale



Following Directions First 0

Following Directions First 1

Following Directions First 2

Following Directions First 3

Following Directions First 4

Following Directions First 5

Following Directions First 6 (Easter)

Following Directions First 7

Following Directions First 8

Following Directions First 9

Following Directions First 10

Following Directions First 11

Following Directions First 13

Following Directions First 14

Following Directions First 15

Following Directions First 16


Following Directions Word 1

Following Directions Word 2

Following Directions Word 3

Following Directions Word 4

Following Directions Word 5

Following Directions Word 6

Following Directions Word 7



tips Basics



ABC Order (Picture Drag)

abc 123 colors (ppt)

Phonics & Sight Words

Word and picture story

Class Pictures

Basic Key Commands

Mouse Pointer

Mnemonic Keyboard  Key

2nd Grade PPT Slide Topics

Who Am I Example

Complement Note 1

Complement Note 2


  3rd Written Directions

word MS Word

ie wwp Web Page


Written Directions-1 My Mother

Written Directions-2 My Father

Written Directions-3 My Friend

Written Directions-4 Superhero

Written Directions-5 If I Were Tiny

Written Directions-6 Thanksgiving

Written Directions-7 Thanksgiving

Written Directions-8 Congratulations

Written Directions-9 Wish List

Written Directions-10 Tree List

Written Directions-11 My Favorite Present

Written Directions-12 The Best Gift I Gave

WD – 13 - If I Were Huge

WD – 14 - If I Were President

WD – 15 - Scary Halloween Story

WD – 16 - I Turned Into an Animal

WD – 17 - If I Were Invisible

WD – 18 - I was Lost in…

WD – 19 - I met Some Aliens

WD – 20 - If I Could Talk to Animals

WD – 21 - Parent and I Brain Swap

WD – 22 - If I Could Stop Time

WD – 23 - My Proudest Moment

Copying & Pasting (Pictures)

Copying & Pasting (Text)

Copying & Pasting Text & Pictures

The Princess and the Pea

The Lily Pad with errors

Replace and Change Case

Make a Test Rubric

Test Question Examples

Planet Brochure Rubric

Spell Check, Grammar Check & Thesaurus

Exact Color Match

Exact Color Match Example

Improved Exact Color Match

Formula & Sort - State Populations

Copying & Pasting (Text)

Moving Lines of Text

Moving Pictures and Text

Copy, Cut, & Paste

Spell Check, Grammar Check & Thesaurus

Word Art

Accented Characters in MS Word

5th Grade Paragraph Set-Up

Following Directions Word Table 3

Art Web Page Rubric

One Meg Website

Test with Sounds Rubric

Computer Test with Sound

Add a sound to your webpage

Hyperlink Exercise

Pretty China

Make a Seamless Background

Seamless Background Webpage

Make a simple web page

Homepage (Make Your Own!)

Mysterious Stories

Mysterious Stories Rubric 3rd

Chris Van Allsburg

Compare Van Allsburg images

Picture Webpage Story 2

Picture Webpage Story 1

Picture Webpage Sample

Animated Pictures

How to Change Web Page Colors

T:\Clip Art & Pictures

IHM 9-05 Logos

2005-06 IHM Website Colors

Make a web page

Saving Revisions:


tree_ ieFamily Tree

word MS Word Tables

word MS Word - Letters


Family Tree Website Rubric

David Hall's Family Tree

Chart Part Name Sample

Family Tree Homework

Sample Website Folder

Married Person Family Tree

Child or Single Person Family Tree


Junior High Schedule Rubric

Middle Grades Schedule Rubric

Make Your Daily Class Schedule

Business Letter Rubric

Business letters Homework

Dear US soldier

Mother (acrostic)

Letters From a Nut


ppt Power Point

color_wheel Art - Colors

folder File Management


My Friends PPT Rubric

Mr. Hall's Friends

4th Native Americans PPT Rubric

5th US Presidents PPT Rubric

5th US States PPT Rubric

Ohio Example

6th Day of the Dead PPT Rubric

8th Grade Book Report PPT Rubric

Paint Animation Part 1

Paint Animation Part 2

5th US States PPT Rubric

Ohio Example

States PowerPoints

5th State Assignments

Power Point Presentation Basics

US State Facts PowerPoint Rubric

Color Calendar Exercise Rubric II

Color Calendars Sample

Color Wheel Comparison

Yes or No sample

Make a Seamless Background

Skyline Rubric

File Management and Properties 1

Nesting Folder Puzzle Rubric

Nesting Folder Puzzle – Sample 1

Nesting Folder Puzzle – Sample 2

Organize Me Folder

Fix Me Folder

Always Open Maximized

Saving and Opening Work on a Floppy Disk

Saving Revisions:

What’s “Minimize”?


windowsmoviemaker windows_media_player Movies

ie Internet Search

ge Google Earth


Movie Rubric - Basic

7th Movie Clips


Music Animation Guide

45 Second Commercial Rubric

Windows Movie Maker Basics Rubric & Guide

Animation 1A

Animation 1B

Animation 1C

Animation 1D

Animation Paint Error

Photo Story Basics Rubric & Guide

Photo Story Checklist

Windows Movie Maker Basics Rubric & Guide

Movie 2 Rubric (Word Doc)

WMM Advanced Audio Rubric & Guide



Google Advanced Search II

Google Search 3 & 4

Edit - Find

Google Earth World Icons Data I

Google Earth World Icons Data II

Google Earth World Icons III

World Icons PPT

Google Earth Search & Placemarks 1

Google Earth Measurement & Directions 2

World Icons PPT

Google Earth World Icons Data I

Google Earth World Icons Data II

Google Earth World Icons III

My Family in Google Earth

Google Earth Home & School KMZ

Speed Up Google Earth


IHM School – Google Earth




cameraclub pnPictures

sounds48 Sound



Picture 1 Rubric

Photography Portraits Rubric

Macro Photography Rubric

Downloading Canon Pictures Method 1

PaintCAD Rubric

Resize 1

Crop 1

Crop one picture of yourself

Turn in one picture

Turn in two pictures

Make a Seamless Background

Desktop Backgrounds

Gimp Picture Editing Rubric

The Gimp Guide

Gimp Rubric

8th Grade Gimp Assignments

7th Grade Gimp Assignments

script_fu_animators_rippling (Example)


PaintNET Technical Drawing

PaintNET Technical Drawing II

Downloading Canon Pictures Method 1

Downloading Canon Pictures Method 2

Loading Pictures from Digital Cameras

MS Paint Tools

Microsoft Photo Editor

Working with Pictures

Picture Transparencies

Business Name & Logo

Paint.NET Mechanical Drafting

The Gimp Guide

Sound Capture Rubric

Series Sound Editing Rubric

Mix Sound Editing Rubric

Insert Sound Editing Rubric

Sound Story

Capturing Sound

Sound Story 3rd Grade

Sound - See-N-Say

See N Say

See N Say example

See N Say in Word

PCM Animal Sounds


The Farmer Says

Iditarod Card Guide & Rubric

Iditarod Card Guide & Rubric

Business Name & Logo

Business Card Rubric

Letter Head Rubric

Shipping Label Rubric


vets 7th Research Reports

Research Report

Web Quest


Veteran Research Report Rubric (07)

Veteran Basic Information (Doc)

Veteran Interview Questions (Doc)

Veteran Research Report Schedule (Doc)

7th Element Groups

Veteran Reports

Iditarod Card Guide & Rubric

Grandparent Research Report Rubric

Grandparent Interview Questions (Doc)

IHM 9-05 Logos

8th Grade Research Report Rubric

2006-07 Research Report Topics

Jane Doe


Do Not …

Third Person Narrative

Web Quest 1


checkmark Grading – Rubric Reading

excell Excel


Grade Me Rubric

Grade Me 1

Grade Me 2

Grade Me 3

Grade Me 4

Grade Me 5

Excel Pie and Column Charts - 7th

Excel Pie and Column Charts - 6th



Student Work


sombraro Spanish

odd Oddballs



Spanish Words PowerPoint Rubric

Spanish Words Example

Spanish Accent Marks

English-Spanish Picture Dictionary

Spanish Animal Clothing

Keyboarding Rubric

Margins - The Gettysburg Address

Pretest Review


IHM Staff and Students

Yearbook Folder and Page Rubric 1

Audacity – My Favorite Thing

Ways to say “Hello”

DVD Yearbook




Offsite Links


Science - Space

Social Studies

Primary Games







50 States - State Facts

InfoPlease – State Facts

State Maps

US Census – State Facts

KidSpace State Facts

Begins With. . .    Billy Bear

Can You Place Me?  Connect the Numbers

Dinosaur Dig   Farm Addition  

Fishing for Numbers  Frog Palace  

The ABC Game

Fun in the Garden   Fun Science 

Incredible Edibles  Letter Matching  

My World   Reef of Lost Words (The) 

Rhyme Time    What Time is It? 



Educational Sites



Catholic Online




Game Goo


Operation Dear Abby



Computer Glossary (Learn Computer terms)

New Advent (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Dictionary.com (Dictionary)

MSN Current News

Grammar Slammer! (Online Grammar Guide)

MLA Citation Examples

Guide to Grammar and Style






Spelling City

Google (The Best Search Engine)

Wikipedia (The best Online Encyclopedia)

Dictionary.com (Dictionary)

Merriam Webster Dictionary (Dictionary)







Standards & Competencies

New Technology Curriculum


Primary Competencies

Ohio State Standards K - 2

Middle Grade Competencies

Ohio State Standards 3 - 5

7th and 8th Competencies

Ohio State Standards 6 - 8






PC Processor Tests:

Snowcruncher4 (Should fall fast & smooth)

Snowcruncher40 (Should fall fast & smooth)

Snowcruncher100 (Should fall smoothly)

Snowcruncher200 (Should fall a little choppy)

Snowcruncher400 (Should fall very choppy)


NEC Projector



image016 image018


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