Technology lessons, guides, rubrics and DVD yearbook how-tos for grades K-8 by David Hall







DVD Yearbook How-Tos


What is a Browser Based Mixed Media DVD Yearbook? - for everyone


How to make webpages, movies and slideshows - for students and parents


Copy the DVD Yearbook from the DVD disk to your computer  - for students and parents


How to plan, organize, and assemble a DVD yearbook - for yearbook administrators



Technology Lessons, Guides & Rubrics


How to make movies with Windows Movie Maker - for teachers


If you teach technology, you need a school network! - for technology teachers


A random collection of K-8 lessons, guides and rubrics by David Hall



Other Stuff


My Favorite Free Software - Short descriptions and links to download sites for my favorite free programs


Links for Blog Session - Links for a session on blogging I taught in 2008


David Hall is a K-8 technology teacher at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.


Visit his family website at: hallbuzz.com