Technology lessons, guides, rubrics and DVD yearbook how-to’s for grades K-8 by David Hall







Browser Based Mixed Media DVD Yearbook Student & Parent Staff Guide.


A Browser Based Mixed Media DVD Yearbook operates just like a website and runs only on a computer.  It is NOT made to play on a TV.  Users’ computers must have a DVD drive, an up-to-date web browser and media player.  Most of the files on the DVD Yearbook are webpages.  There are also many Windows Media Audio/Video slideshows, movies and audio files that play in Windows Media Player or other players.

The guides below are intended to help IHM DVD Yearbook Staff create files that will be included in the 2008-2009 IHM DVD Yearbook. 


How to make webpages, movies and slideshows - for students and parents:

Web Pages

Create a web page with MS Word


Slide Shows

Why MS Photo Story is ideal for creating slideshows.

Download Photo Story 3 from Cnet/download.com



Create a movie with Windows Movie Maker


Install DVD Yearbook

Copy the DVD Yearbook from the DVD disk to your computer